The following are some words from clients about their experiences of psychotherapy and supervision:

Psychotherapy Clients

“I had sessions with Dianne over approximately 18 months. Having had various periods of counselling and other therapies over the years, I was apprehensive at first.

The relationship, time, space and safety that Dianne gave me has been the most precious gift.

She has been alongside me in some dark places, never judging. She helped me to say the unsayable and to connect with feelings I hadn’t realised I had buried. 

Psychotherapy with Dianne has been a profound experience and one I will never forget. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any and all!”


"Some time ago I reached a point in my life when I decided to seek help for something that I have wrestled with for most of my life.  Having exhausted almost every ‘self-help’ route, I realised that I couldn’t sort it out by myself, I felt that I needed professional help.

I found Dianne through an online search, with the idea that it was a qualified therapist that I was looking for.  Having had no experience of therapy I didn’t know what to expect and was probably quite nervous when I first met Dianne, but her warm and gentle approach immediately put me at ease, and over time our sessions became increasingly valuable to me.  I felt I was able to open up to her in a way that I have been able to do with only very few people.

On my journey with Dianne she provided a confidential, safe space and a totally non-judgemental approach which helped me to look inside myself in a way that I had been afraid of doing for a long time.  Her wisdom and care helped me to tease apart some difficult things that have shaped my life and to look at things in a different and more compassionate way.  She is an amazing listener with the ability to say very insightful things when appropriate, many of which stay with me and hopefully always will.

Having recently come to the end of my sessions with Dianne I feel that going to see her was one of the best decisions of my life.  I will always be grateful for the vast well of kind support she provided."

- John

"The room where Dianne’s counseling took place was cosy and comforting, and the atmosphere that Dianne created from the first meeting onwards was easy and soothing. I felt safe when everything about some of my recent experiences had been unsafe, and eaten away at my sense of identity. I was also stuck – stuck in ‘if only’ thoughts about what had happened. Dianne has helped me out of these thoughts and feelings by pointing, always gently and non-dogmatically, to what might lie behind them. The feeling of being understood - and so richly and sensitively understood - was hugely important to me at a time when I felt reduced. Not only that but Dianne has helped me to understand myself and my past in ways I haven’t thought about before and that have encouraged me to have more care of myself. I’m not completely ‘fixed’, but I’m more aware, thanks to Dianne, of resources I can draw on to make me feel less unfixed. So, yes, thank you Dianne for all your wisdom and warmth."

- Andy

"I had been thinking about getting counselling / therapy for a few years before I started but always decided against it. I didn’t want the label of being in therapy as the thought of it made me feel weak and like I’d lost something.

In the end I decided enough was enough, I couldn’t continue to feel like I was and found Dianne online. Going to see her was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. I wasn’t in a good place when I first went. I had lots of issues and didn’t really know where to start as it was beyond being unhappy. But Dianne made me feel instantly comfortable and I saw our sessions as my time to reflect, vent, cry if needed, smile and just understand myself better. I cannot say enough positive things about Dianne and how she’s helped me."

- Warren

"I met Dianne at a time when I was at my lowest. I was feeling anxious about everything, I felt lonely and misunderstood but mostly I felt as though I couldn't cope anymore. If I'm honest, I was worried about starting therapy and I worried about what Dianne would think of me. But right from the very start Dianne was kind, empathic and understanding. She put me at ease straight away with her calm manner and the therapy room itself was very welcoming. Dianne helped me to feel less alone in the world and to feel grounded. I took some time to work through my issues but Dianne was there with me throughout my journey and I can honestly say that I've never been in such a good place as I am now. My progress is all thanks to Dianne and I can’t thank her enough for her patience and guidance."

- Lisa

"I went to Dianne as I was suffering from low mood, and was struggling to enjoy life. I would worry too much about mundane things and was not spending enough time on things I used to enjoy.

I immediately felt at ease talking to Dianne as she is so welcoming and friendly. The room she uses for consulting is well set up and makes you feel relaxed. Dianne listens attentively to what you have to say about your feelings or what else is on your mind. I was able to talk about things that I would have difficulty in expressing to other people even those close to me, although I now find I am more open in talking to my wife and children, and find this helps them if they experience problems.

So that is another benefit of the therapy. What I found useful is that Dianne is able to analyse what you have said and feed it back to you, in such a way that it gives you a better insight into what you feel. I have finished my treatment and I am pleased to say I have not slipped back at all, I am enjoying my creative hobbies again; I had neglected these for a long time, wrongly thinking that were trivial compared to work.

Dianne made me realise how important it is to continue to do the things I enjoyed to balance that with the mundane.

Thank You Dianne "

- Geoff

"A year ago from now, mentally I was in a very, very dark place. Suffering with Depression, I believed i had no purpose in life and had no reason to even exist. I  had thoughts of ending it all but I couldn't` as I have a wife and three children. I had no idea what was happening inside my head, thoughts racing round at a thousand miles an hour.
From the first meeting with Dianne I felt relaxed, comfortable and trusted that everything I told her would be confidential.
I slowly but surely began to understand what was happening to me and why. Week by week I grew stronger and stronger.

A year on, I am now waking up in the morning exited by life itself and what it will bring next.

Words alone could never be enough to explain what Dianne has done for me.

Thank you Dianne.''

- Dave

"I spent a few sessions over a couple of months with Dianne and through some of my darkest times. She helped me work out what was important and evaluate thoughts and feelings. She has also helped me with how to protect myself emotionally. It's been 18 months since our final session and I can look back and think wow that was me then and see how much I have changed. Things Dianne said in our meetings made a lot of sense when nothing else really did. She gave me a lot of comfort initially and then confidence. I won't forget the dark times but I can talk about them with confidence and if I should ever find myself there again there are good people that can help and I feel Dianne should be the top of the list. Thank you Dianne x"

- Emma

"Having counselling sessions with Dianne has helped me to focus on, and start to address areas of loss and change in my life, of which I was feeling overwhelmed with. Dianne actively listened, without judgement, sensitively, and with empathy for my issues..

I am starting to have more compassion for myself, especially a part of me I didn’t like. Talking about my issues with Dianne helped me to explore and acknowledge my feelings and to express them in a confidential and safe space.

I highly recommend Dianne as a Professional Counsellor."

- Susan

When I first approached Dianne's front door, I was seriously thinking of turning back. I felt almost immediately at ease as soon as I saw Dianne's friendly face. I was pleasantly surprised by the homely atmosphere of the front room, nothing clinical about it at all. I found Dianne to be an excellent listener without being judgemental. I believe my sessions did help me a lot. Thank you for all your help Dianne.

- Ash

"I saw Dianne for help coping with some emotional and psychological distress a couple of years ago and in no uncertain terms, she saved me. Her wonderful, kind, caring nature welcomed me each week into a really lovely environment where I could not have felt safer.  It was so important to me not to feel judged and in Dianne, I found the least judgemental person ever.  I felt able to talk about anything with her and express any emotion that I felt. Even now there are things Dianne knows about me that no one else in the world knows and I trust her with this information implicitly.  With her care and guidance, I was able to work through issues in my life which were preventing me from moving forward.  Each time I left the safety of her cocoon, I felt a little bit stronger. I wouldn't be the person I am today without Dianne's care and I will never forget her. She Saved Me!"

- Liz


Couples Therapy

Me and my husband of 45 years were  drifting apart when we visited Dianne.

We were constantly bickering and I was at the point of leaving.  Our sessions helped us to re-engage and find our friendship again . That was six months ago. I’m now fighting cancer and my husband is a wonderful support. He’s so caring. We’re so glad Dianne was able to help us.

- A



"As a bereavement support volunteer I attended supervision regularly with Dianne. I attended her Birstall purposely assigned office which lent itself well to the therapeutic process of both counselling and supervision.

I always felt well supported by Dianne exploring all aspects of client work ensuring that client needs were addressed and my own awareness, skills and knowledge were being developed. Along with this the sessions gave me an opportunity to look at what was going on in my own life ensuring my own wellbeing whilst offering support to others.

I value the time spent with Dianne and the positive effect she has had upon me personally and professionally."

- Dee

"I believe my sessions did help me a lot. Thank you for all your help Dianne. I was a new volunteer bereavement support worker when I was lucky enough to have Dianne as my supervisor. Dianne created a relaxed space in which I could easily talk about my experiences and I felt listened to, not judged but supported and encouraged. If I knew someone who was looking for a therapist for counselling I would recommend Dianne because of her ability to strike up the necessary therapeutic relationship and get attuned to the other person."

- Maureen